This is the technical notes from a few of Karmadust’s projects. We are all for sharing and contributing as we have received a lot ourselves. You can get a full list of our code base on GitHub.



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  1. I am fan of your tutorial and code . I would like to discuss an opportunity with you . Shall we have a skype call ? please let me know further.

  2. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for posting CalendarView, it was great help.
    I think there could be an issue with the events variable on CalendarView.swift

    instead of:
    if var eventsList : [CalendarEvent] = eventsByIndexPath[indexPath] {
    } else {
    eventsByIndexPath[indexPath] = [calEvent]

    should be:
    if var _ = eventsByIndexPath[indexPath] {
    } else {
    eventsByIndexPath[indexPath] = [calEvent]

    otherwise you only get one event per day even if there are many!

    Thanks again,

    1. ops, made a typo:

      if (eventsByIndexPath[indexPath] != nil) {
      } else {
      eventsByIndexPath[indexPath] = [calendarEvent]

  3. Hi Michael

    You had a calendar control Tutorial created using swift and collection View Control and Cannot see it anymore. Have you removed it?

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